Call for Nominations


2019-21 Call for Southwest Minnesota Nursing Honor Society Officer Nominees


The Leadership Succession Committee wishes to extend a call for chapter officer nomination for the office/committee positions listed below. Please feel free to nominate a potential candidate or self-nominate to serve your Honor Society — we need you!!


Positions for the 2019-21 Ballot include:

Vice President (who also serves on the Program Committee) Performs various responsibilities on behalf of the Society. This position performs the duties of the president in the president’s absence. The Vice President also facilitates achievement of goals and oversees at least two Society programs each year. The Vice President often oversees the membership engagement efforts and serves on committees as needed.

Membership Committee Chair: The committee associated with the membership chair promotes membership renewal, engagement, and involvement; oversees mentoring programs; plan and implement membership orientation events and promote the honor society to the current and future membership.

Awards Committee Chair:  Oversees the development, review and revision of criteria and funding for recognition awards and scholarships distributed by the chapter. Additionally, oversee the recruitment, selection and communications processes associated with chapter and international awards.

Treasurer:  The treasurer’s responsibility is to manage chapter funds. This includes preparing the annual budget and developing or maintaining fiscal policies and procedures. The treasurer is required to present financial information to the Board of Directors at each meeting and works with the President to complete the financial section of the annual report.

Leadership Succession Chair: is responsible for recruiting nominees for Society leadership, preparing the election ballot and notifying candidates of election results. The Leadership Succession Committee, under the direction of the Chair, takes responsibility for overseeing the execution of Society elections.

Newsletter Chair:  The committee associated with the newsletter chair publishes a professional newsletter twice per year with the Society news.


Detailed roles and responsibilities of Southwest Minnesota Nursing Honor Society Leaders are found on the website under the menu heading:  Role Descriptions at


We (the Leadership Succession Committee) thank our members for the opportunity to serve our Society membership—and look forward to receiving your candidate nominations by January 20th 2019. Please email nominations to Leadership Succession Chair,


Thank you!


The Leadership Succession Committee